Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lolita Photoshoot(9/7) @ Fort Canning

Hello~~ this post is to make up for the weekend! :DD
on 9th july, i went to Fort Canning Park for a photoshoot with photographers Jeremy and Haiwei!!!! They were really professional and took amazing photos of me >.< in reality, i'm not photogenic so i was very impressed that they could take such pictures of me! haha XD
Picture Time~
See what i mean? :DD i don't usually look this model-like!
:D even though i'm not supposed to be smiling XD because my theme is goth punk
Last picture~
if you want to see more, check out Jeremy's facebook page :D don't forget to like his page too!
Credits: all photos in this post taken from Jeremy :D
the pictures taken by Haiwei will be uploaded by me(lazy me have not found time to do it yet >,<) so please be patient ne? :D
Considering to participate in an upcoming Lolita shoot again....should i attend? Leave a comment below! :DDD
okay got to go sleep now! so tired >.<
Oyasumi minnasan~~~

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