Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sakura Fest Day 3~

Hello~ finally found some time to blog about the last day of Sakura fest! Been so busy lately!! >.< there are many more upcoming events for us!! :O Anyway, here are the pictures :D

With Kuro~ his expression is so dumb!

Another shot!

Omg.. I look so tired....:O

Better shot! XD

Forgot what band was playing >.< I think it was either XSKA or Rayve

Same band

Look at all those fans!! Some belong to other bands too! :DDD

With giant kaoru!

With Rei! <3

With Rei and yukio!

It seems that there is my blogpress has a problem uploading my pictures(it keeps hanging!!!) so I shall upload the rest on Facebook! :D
Bye bye!!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sakura Fest Day 2~

Hello! I had so much fun doing the otagei today!!! ^^ but I'm totally worn out!!! And yet, I'm little sad that the fest will end tmr... >.< Alright! I took more pictures today!!! I did my best!!!

Camwhoring during band performance XD

With yukio

Hahaha his face is too big XD

Finally, a pretty good shot! XD

With Kuro "sensei"

Lol kuro's expression. Like a pedo :O

Look at all the fans for the bands!

The band bikkurishita(I hope I spelt it correctly >.<)
Same band

The band Ethe'Real

My loose socks ^^

With Kimi ( see my mask!!) :D

With aiiko(sorry it's blur >.<)

With shiro

Eating cookies during break

Took(and paid!) cheki with risuko and sunao chan. :D


Risuko chan :DShe's cosplaying as hatsune miku(magnet)

Signing for fans :D

Sunao chan eating Popsicle!

Guess who is this annoying person obstructing me!

Hehe..kuro's specs

Hohoho! Another picture with risuko and sunao chan!! Are you jealous? >D

And another one!

Aiiko and me holding our fan items! *fan girl mode*

Yay~ I'm so happy ^0^

Last pic! I look so tired! :O

Do come for the last day of Sakura fest!! there will be the cosplay finals and the anticipated wanko soba competition!!! ^O^ that's all!!! bye bye!!! support Japan!! <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sakura Fest Day 1~

Whew!! I'm totally worn out from doing the otagei!! Did you come and watch me? I did the "mune mune kyun" dance! And i also emceed ^^ was I good? I made so many mistakes!! >.< I didn't have much time to take pictures but here are a few:

Playing with kuro's silly specs :D
Went there early to discuss things with Kuro

Kuro's nerdy specs XD

With Kuro

End of event(whew!)
I hope whoever went did enjoy themselves!!! :D
Do come for day 2!!! The cosplay semi-finals will begin!!!! Watashi wa gambarimasu!!!!!!>.< bye bye!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meeting for Sakura Fest

Hello minnasan!! ^^
sorry for the late update >.< Had a meeting with all the Akibanana stall involved in the Sakura Fest!

Sorry for the bad quality as this was taken from my iPhone! >.< *whines for a good camera~*

Kuro and I will be emcees fir this event! Do come and support!!!


Last picture! For more photos, visit Rei's blog! Bye bye! ^^
Oh yea! Forgot to mention that miyoko, Rei and I will be dancing for the Sakura fest as the ichigo club!!! Come and support us!!!!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sakura Fest~

Hello~ I'm here today to talk about the Sakura Fest!!!
i'm going to the emcee of this event, along with Kuro!! I don't think you know him but he belongs to Ikebanana cafe(brother of Akibanana cafe!)! ^^
Do support us in raising funds for the Japan Disaster Fund 2011!!
Also join in our cosplay competition!! the event will be held at the Singapore Flyer from 22 April to 24 April!! for more details, like these pages and read on!

Cosplay competition judges! i'm judging too!! weird right! XD http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2106122&id=1089489824

to participate in the cosplay competition and more details of it too, http://www.facebook.com/singaporeflyer?sk=app_156700401056064

More information on the bands that are playing for the event : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2106118&id=1089489824

Do check those out! :D
No photos of me for this post!!! Do support!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Date with Rei~

Hello! I haven't been updating for some time..>.< Went out with Rei to scape yesterday! Guess what we did? We went there to practice a dance!! We are performing,but I won't reveal the details yet! Do check Akibanana's Facebook for any updates!! ^^ Here are some camwhoring pictures!

And we went to take purikura(neoprints)!!!!

For more pictures (with good quality!) visit Rei's blog for more!! (though I think she haven't updated yet!)

And after I went home.....
I messed around with my black eyeshadow!! XD

DISCLAIMER: pictures may contain unsightly images



Oh yeah! Before I messed up my face, I played with my hair hahaha XD

Here's one last picture!

Horror face! XD
Bye bye! :D

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