Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where To Get Cheap And Good Cosmetics~

HELLOOOO!!!!! I apologize for not blogging for a week, but then again, you can't really do anything about it! (ha!) blame it on my laziness! >.<
so today is about where to get really(not kidding!) cheap prices for pretty good makeup!
The answer is

MUSTAFA CENTRE!!! hohoho I know some people will just think it's for Indians or whatever but I swear they sell anything and everything except coffins(and maybe sex toys... Never seen them anyway)
And the best part is...... ITS 24/7 OPEN!!!!
So now cosplayers who realize they are missing a lipstick or eye shadow at night can pop in at Mustafa at 3am and they would still welcome you! :DDDD
I'm gonna introduce this brand called "Constance Carroll" (actually recommended by Budget Barbie and I went to try it out) and I love it!
I bought their lipstick for around $2 and here's a picture!

I bought it for my Lolita photoshoot and the colour is "True Red"
Its not slimy and thick like other kind of lipstick!
I usually don't wear lipstick but after using this, I've have a newfound fascination on lipstick! ^_^
I bought a finishing powder(I think it's the same brand)

The finishing powder is okay I guess..
But guess how much I bought it for?!

It's REALLY CHEAP!!! so far I've not have any breakouts or whatsoever so I would say it's safe!! :DDDD
Now I'm gonna post up camwhore pictures!!! >.<
DISCLAIMER: picture-heavy!!!!

With the red lipstick I bought!


Playing around with my mum's purple lipstick!


Trying to act model-ish (hahaha XD )

Trying out centre parting! :X

*sulks* how is it? Do leave a comment!!

That's all for this post!! :DDD
I actually can't think of what to blog about next time! >.<
Do leave a comment on what you wanna see me blogging about!!!
Constructive ideas please!!!!
Bye bye!!!! :DDDDDDD


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  2. Hi Miku! I dont think centre parting hairstyle suits u really. Lol

    Anyway, perhaps u can blog about movies that uve watched and liked? That could include japanese movies too. I personally liked DMC alot. Haha. Or u can blog ur favourite japanese bands too. Or or ur dancing! Lol. Just some rough ideas!


  3. haha thanks for the feedback!!! :D i'll try my best!!!

  4. No problem! Will look forward to it. =)


  5. Haha you kinda look good with centre parting to me though! More mature!

    Blog about me HAHAHHAHA

  6. vernice:ok HAHAHAHA!!!meetup sometime then i'll blog!!!