Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY Greetings & Updates~

Hi.  I've been extremely unmotivated and lazy to update since my holidays...excessive manga intake...i received my 'O' level results and i am pretty satisfied with them(not gonna say how much) and i'm accepted to junior college through DSA(direct school admission,google it if you don't know). I'm looking forward to learning new things when i start school(which is next week) and i'll probably be busy.
During the Chinese New Year(CNY), i didn't do much(BUT I DID RECEIVE RED PACKETS) and went bai nian(visting during the new year)
clothes i wore for CNY:

makeup,just simple,no eyelashes & no contacts.
i'm bored. ;A;
not making my life interesting at all....
that's all...please give me suggestions on what to post next?