Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello everyone!! It's been another long period of time since I updated....(gomene!) i have been extremely busy with school work recently and to add on to my fatigue, I had dance classes(I'm insistent on continuing with dance!!!!)
So I'll promise that I'll update my blog every weekend,by hook or by crook!!! >..<) if I don't fulfill it!! So just a filler pic :

<3 <3 please bear with me >.< Bye bye!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Friday, June 17, 2011

Visit to Vernice's house~

Hello!! I know I haven't been blogging much these days! Sorry!! >.< I'm just too lazy!!! Anyway, on Monday, I met up with vernice to try out full makeup and costume for our cosplaying plans!! :DDD I'm cosing as mio from k-on! And vernice is cosing as tsumugi! Pictures~

Met up early and had Mac breakfast together!! Yum~~

Makeup done!! (I know I look weird with the hairnet on! >.<)

With wig and costume! I don't think I resemble mio at all! >.<

That's all! Was too lazy to take more pictures! (I know... I'm a bad and lousy blogger... >.<) So catch me as mio at cosfest! Seeya~ - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone