Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cosfest X.1 Day 1

I remembered to blog!! Hehe~ alright! On the 25th of June, I cosplayed with vernice at cosfest! Did you see me there? ^_^ I was cosplaying akiyama mio from k-on! With vernice as tsumugi! :DD
We arrived at downtown east fairly early and after we changed, we were STARVING!!! :O

We went to eat at BBQ chicken!! ^_^v

While waiting for food~ (do we look alike? ^_^)

My meal!! Yum~ (I'm so hungry now!!!)

Kawaii mugi hiding her unglamness XD

I think this one looks really cute! :D

Mugi pose!

My (failed) attempt

We got tired and left! :D
So did I look like mio? ^.^
went home and camwhored~ skip these pics if you want!

Smile smile ^O^

So tired!

What are you staring at? *stare*~

I think my mio didn't look like mio >.<

*trying to act model-like* lol!

That's all!!! >.< I'll be at the Singapore trump card 2 event at orchard! Do come and support!!! ^.^

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