Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lolita Photoshoot(9/7) @ Fort Canning

Hello~~ this post is to make up for the weekend! :DD
on 9th july, i went to Fort Canning Park for a photoshoot with photographers Jeremy and Haiwei!!!! They were really professional and took amazing photos of me >.< in reality, i'm not photogenic so i was very impressed that they could take such pictures of me! haha XD
Picture Time~
See what i mean? :DD i don't usually look this model-like!
:D even though i'm not supposed to be smiling XD because my theme is goth punk
Last picture~
if you want to see more, check out Jeremy's facebook page :D don't forget to like his page too!
Credits: all photos in this post taken from Jeremy :D
the pictures taken by Haiwei will be uploaded by me(lazy me have not found time to do it yet >,<) so please be patient ne? :D
Considering to participate in an upcoming Lolita shoot again....should i attend? Leave a comment below! :DDD
okay got to go sleep now! so tired >.<
Oyasumi minnasan~~~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review~ Priscilla Wig Fringe

Hello! :D today I'm giving a review on Priscilla's wig! I bought from Pearly's japan spree!! :D along with dollywink 05 lower lashes!!!(will do review on it too!!!)
So here's the wig:

It even has side fringe!

It looks kinda weird on the floor though .___.
And a picture of me with the wig on!

So here's the ratings!
Comfort: 9/10 it's amazingly light and not too thick! Just need to get used to the feel of bangs on your forehead!
Ease of application: 9/10 it's simple and easy! It comes with two clips so all you need to do is just adjust to your forehead and clip it!

See? This is how it looks like at the back!
Pricing: 7/10 unfortunately the price is expensive!!! I paid over $30 >.< (*heart bleeds*) but it was totally worth it!!! The quality is really good!! >.< Overall: 9/10 I love it!! So now, if I feel like having bangs I can use this wig! :DDD Shall update next week another review~ heehee :DD but it's not on dollywink 05! :D can you guess what it is? Haha you'll see next week! Bye bye!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Singapore Trump Card ll

Hehe hello! :DD today (10 July) I worked at the Singapore Trump Card exhibition as Alice!

Cut my fringe!

NOT! haha XD

Hehe check out my new wig!! :D it's a fringe from Priscilla! :D Will do a review on it soon! ^_^

Wanted to show the dress without the apron

Yukio and Rei!

And again!

With Rei~ my wig looks a little weird here ;(
And I was so happy with my new wig that I camwhored at home!! >\\\< but that's for next time, when I do the review~

Just one picture hehe :P
For more information on the Singapore trump cards do check out Akibanana's Facebook (free giveaways!!!get them NOW!!!!)

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Friday, July 8, 2011


Hehehe, you'll probably know what this post is about once you see the blog title :D
I simply wanted to post up some camwhore pictures >\\\< haha So here they are!! >\\\<

Meganekko day!


Makeup of the day


Angle up! XD
Shall save you of the atrocities now!
By the way, I'll be working at the Singapore trump cards ll launch this sunday!
for more info and pictures >>!/akibanana
do come and support!!:DD

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cosfest X.1 Day 1

I remembered to blog!! Hehe~ alright! On the 25th of June, I cosplayed with vernice at cosfest! Did you see me there? ^_^ I was cosplaying akiyama mio from k-on! With vernice as tsumugi! :DD
We arrived at downtown east fairly early and after we changed, we were STARVING!!! :O

We went to eat at BBQ chicken!! ^_^v

While waiting for food~ (do we look alike? ^_^)

My meal!! Yum~ (I'm so hungry now!!!)

Kawaii mugi hiding her unglamness XD

I think this one looks really cute! :D

Mugi pose!

My (failed) attempt

We got tired and left! :D
So did I look like mio? ^.^
went home and camwhored~ skip these pics if you want!

Smile smile ^O^

So tired!

What are you staring at? *stare*~

I think my mio didn't look like mio >.<

*trying to act model-like* lol!

That's all!!! >.< I'll be at the Singapore trump card 2 event at orchard! Do come and support!!! ^.^