Monday, December 5, 2011

My Prom Night~

Hi! i haven't updated in a reeeeeaaallly loooooong time!! i'm waaaaay too lazy!
my prom night was awesome,fun and exhausting! so...let's let the pictures talk!! XD My dear dancer gal <3 my super sweet friend!! <3
my cutie bestie who's been through bittersweet times with me throughout the 4 years of my secondary school life! haha my frenemies <333 darlings <3 my bff(a.k.a big fat friend XD) <3 her! prettiest and sweetest gal you'll ever know!(she's attached! hahaha XD) this photo doesn't do her prettiness justice!

back home! exhausted :A;

make-up for prom

Hairstyle done by myself!

Blurry pic

Ending with this pic of me! my hair looks kinda ash-brown under the light!! XD