Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Update~My New Camera~

Hey! :D i apologise for being SUPER DUPER LAAZZZZZY(i'm a pig!)
so to pacify readers(if there are any at all XD) i'll show you my new camera!!
TADAAA!!! 'CHIO' BOH!!(singlish slang for pretty not?)
the main advantage of this camera is that it has dual lcds!! :D perfect for camwhoring
gals like me! XD
if you follow me on twitter(or facebook), then you would know that i went to Sitex '11,which is an IT fair with the best deals! original price of this camera is SGD$299 but i got it for SGD$179!!!yayyy~~~
right now,i'm going to show a really no-makeup picture of me (>.< ) just to show off my camera!

okaaay....this is me without any make-up except concealer and foundation(plain me)
anyway ignore my 'cui'(awful) face and LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!! see the little human thingy on the outside?? its the screen! its capturing my picture! :D

this is what i like about the camera! :DD so far there is no problems and its pretty good for a noob camera user like me :D
so that's it! will be posting about AFA '11 soon!!


  1. You're trying to pacify me? Lol. There are always readers. Perhaps they are just too shy to comment.
    Anyway that's a cool camera u got there! I've never came across a dual LCD one.
    And your bathroom looks grand! Lol

  2. hahaha thank you!! the bathroom is AWESOME!but its not mine....haha...~O~" i took this picture when i was in'll find out more soon!!

  3. Lol chey. Ok, waiting to know more!