Sunday, May 22, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore!!!!!

Hello!!!! On Vesak day, Rei, hina, yukio, shiro, kaoru and I went to USS!!!! Woohoo!!
Here are some pictures~

While waiting for the skytrain to arrive.. Pedo behind?! :O

A blur shot of Rei and me!

It was sooooo hot!!!! >.< Thank god i toned down my eye makeup that day!

Group shot failed >.< gomen!

Had curry rice for a late lunch/dinner!

And a drink! The shop is "Ruyi" I think..

And to top it off, we went to candylicious and had ice cream!
I choose chocolate, peanut butter and another flavor which I forgot(all of the flavors were given unique names which I couldn't remember! >< ) After we toured the whole of USS, we went to siloso beach and relaxed for a while~ USS felt like another world! >.<~ for more pictures, do check out the other Akibanana's Facebook! And don't forget to visit Akibanana's website! We have been updating regularly! Bye bye~ - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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