Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Outing with Akibanana and Ikebanana peeps

Hello! I'm back after exams! Yay!! I'm so relieved! Whew!
On labour day's holiday,(which is a Monday I think) Akibanana and Ikebanana crew met up for a meeting! Confidential! :O
Shan't bore you with words!

While waiting for the rest to come~


With Kimi

Jellyfish #1

Jellyfish #2

After the meeting, some of us went to marche at vivo!

My roasted meat and mashed potato! (ate halfway then rmb to take picture! >.<)

My pizza! :DD
(once again I ate a slice then I rmb to take picture!! >.<)

Dessert!! One scoop of white ice cream and choc chip each!
Forgot to take a picture of my second dessert, some chocolate cake! :DD

Can you see gongcha behind me? ^.^
we went off to arcade and played silly games and finally went home!
Was so tired! >.< shall post more pictures on Facebook! Bye! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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