Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jewerich 002 Lash Review~

Okay! Time to begin my review! >.< here's a picture:

Upper lash: jewerich 002
Lower lash: diamond lash cute eye
Sorry it's not clear! >.< it was taken from my iPhone!

Hehe... Was using black eyeshadow that day :DD

A picture of the packaging

Picture of me with jewerich 002!
Lower lash is diamond lash feminine eye

So here's the review!
Lash length(in terms of lash strands): 9/10
It's really long! :O really makes your eyes "pop" out and look huge!
Lash length(in terms of lash stalk): 9/10
It's also very long! For me,I didn't cut the lash and instead, I let it stick out further than my original eye length. Extending it will make the eyes look bigger and also rounder, depending on how you stick it.
Ease of application: 8/10
It is pretty easy to stick on! However, a I didn't cut the lash, it was a little harder for me to adjust the lash to fit my eye!
Comfort: 8/10
The lash stalk is pretty hard but I actually prefer this type haha XD! However, it is a little uncomfortable as I stuck it out of my eye.
Reusability: 7.5/10
It was very durable! However, due to my violent washing...I kinda killed it >.< I'll be gentler with the next pair! Price: 9/10 I find it pretty reasonable! Got mine at Kelly's japan spree for $19.90 I think! One box has two pairs of eyelashes! Kelly didn't even charge shipping fees! :DD
Overall rating: 9/10
I like it cause it makes the eyes look bigger and rounder! Recommended for people who like dramatic lashes!
Okay that's my review! Hoped it was helpful to you! ^.^

Time for a few camwhore pics~

Hairstyle for that day~

Okay shall go to sleep now! Oyasumi minna! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
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