Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sakura Fest Day 3~

Hello~ finally found some time to blog about the last day of Sakura fest! Been so busy lately!! >.< there are many more upcoming events for us!! :O Anyway, here are the pictures :D

With Kuro~ his expression is so dumb!

Another shot!

Omg.. I look so tired....:O

Better shot! XD

Forgot what band was playing >.< I think it was either XSKA or Rayve

Same band

Look at all those fans!! Some belong to other bands too! :DDD

With giant kaoru!

With Rei! <3

With Rei and yukio!

It seems that there is my blogpress has a problem uploading my pictures(it keeps hanging!!!) so I shall upload the rest on Facebook! :D
Bye bye!!

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