Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sakura Fest Day 2~

Hello! I had so much fun doing the otagei today!!! ^^ but I'm totally worn out!!! And yet, I'm little sad that the fest will end tmr... >.< Alright! I took more pictures today!!! I did my best!!!

Camwhoring during band performance XD

With yukio

Hahaha his face is too big XD

Finally, a pretty good shot! XD

With Kuro "sensei"

Lol kuro's expression. Like a pedo :O

Look at all the fans for the bands!

The band bikkurishita(I hope I spelt it correctly >.<)
Same band

The band Ethe'Real

My loose socks ^^

With Kimi ( see my mask!!) :D

With aiiko(sorry it's blur >.<)

With shiro

Eating cookies during break

Took(and paid!) cheki with risuko and sunao chan. :D


Risuko chan :DShe's cosplaying as hatsune miku(magnet)

Signing for fans :D

Sunao chan eating Popsicle!

Guess who is this annoying person obstructing me!

Hehe..kuro's specs

Hohoho! Another picture with risuko and sunao chan!! Are you jealous? >D

And another one!

Aiiko and me holding our fan items! *fan girl mode*

Yay~ I'm so happy ^0^

Last pic! I look so tired! :O

Do come for the last day of Sakura fest!! there will be the cosplay finals and the anticipated wanko soba competition!!! ^O^ that's all!!! bye bye!!! support Japan!! <3

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