Monday, November 7, 2011

Heya! 'Confession' time!

okay hi. i'm not supposed to be blogging right now since my exams are
not exactly officially over but i'm really bored right now so i'll do this.
this time no pictures but i hope to make this short and sweet.
i'm sure many know me as Miku,meido from Akibanana and some people have asked me
some simple personal info such as age,what education i'm studying etc.

so now...i think it's time to stop saying i'm 'forever 18'! :D i had to say this
due to the meido cafe's policies so i'm going to reintroduce myself:

hai, i'm michiko miku,16,born 28 april and the exams that i've been so stressed
over are cambridge 'o' levels. that's all i'll disclose! :D
cause i still want to keep to my private life!
you wouldn't want to see a bad-tempered miku!
i want to make this a blog in which everyone can share makeup tips,fashion,beauty,dancing(duh!),anime,manga
and BE NICE. life is to short to regret. :P

haha did the word 'confession' make you think of other things?XDXD
oh! and and! i want to make friends from all over the world! :DDD

P.S-anyone going for AFA(anime festival asia)? :DD


  1. Nice to see a post even though you're busying preparing your O's. Schools' prelims are usually more difficult than the O level papers itself. So not to worry. Know your stuff and im sure you'll do fine. Good luck!