Saturday, November 12, 2011

Helloooo New Lenses!

Hi! I recently bought a new pair of lenses from a singaporean blogshop! its my
first time buying from but so far so good! :D
the boss is pretty nice and i received the lenses within one and a half week :DD

sorry for the super blurry photo since this was taken using my SUPER lousy phone
i dont know if you can see it or not but this is the name of the blogshop and it was written on the envelope(it was BABY PINK!XD)

Super Barbie Princess Series,15.8mm
bought it @ $20! ^.^

tightly wrapped :DD

blur pic of the lenses

so far i have only worn it once, but its pretty comfortable! ^.^
it looks a little like Hatsune Miku's cosplay lenses though(i thought the colour would be brighter)
however the lenses does not provide any free lens case so i had to reuse an old one ;(
but overall i would rate the lens 7.5/10 ! :D
i wore it AFA(anime festival asia) but i forgot my camera so i have to wait for Miyoko to upload them!
will update soon!! :DDD

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